About Us

Our story

Finding top talent is a critical business challenge faced by dynamic dental practices today. It is because there is a shortage of qualified and trained dental professionals and due to high competition. Also, most dental practices follow a slow hiring process that makes the best candidates check out and move. 

To evade all these issues and put dental practices on a fast track to attract top talent, the Bay Dental Staffing agency was founded. We are a full-service placement agency to help you find and match qualified, skilled, and motivated job seekers with the staffing needs of dental practices in the SF Bay area. 

On our platform, dental practices can locate and filter candidates looking for a job. The aspirants are thoroughly screened and featured with their photos, skillsets, and other important information the employers want. Alternatively, job seekers can find the right opportunity and connect with the employer to get placed.

Whether you are seeking employment or looking to hire, Bay Dental Staffing’s specialized approach to hiring staff will make it easier to achieve your goals. We always go the extra mile to know our clients’ practices and candidates so we can offer the best services and ensure they receive the respect and professionalism they deserve. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together dental professionals and dental practices through a structured, positive, and professional setting enabling them to develop long-term quality relationships.

Our Vision

We want to be a go-to dental staffing placement agency in the SF Bay area for job seekers and employers.